‘Worth the wait’: W Sydney slated to open October 2023

Marriott’s long-awaited W Sydney hotel is set to open in October 2023.

After numerous delays to the hotel’s construction, W Sydney general manager Craig Seaward confirmed the opening date this week, saying it was “worth the wait”.

“We are incredibly delighted to confirm W Sydney’s opening date of October 2023,” he said.

“There have been delays, but believe me, it will be worth the wait.”

Earlier this year, construction on the wider The Ribbon development in Darling Harbour, which also includes an IMAX theater and retail outlets, came to a screeching halt when previous builder Probuild came into operation. In July, Australian property developer Greaton appointed Multiplex to complete construction.

The luxury hotel will feature a grand total of 585 ultra-luxury rooms, suites and suites with a marine-inspired palette, azure bathrooms, walk-in closets and modern decor.

Rooms at W Sydney follow a navy-inspired color scheme with azure bathrooms and luxurious walk-in closets

Rooms embrace asymmetry, incorporating the curves and lines of the hotel’s architecture. The brand claims that “no two rooms are the same” and that they will “set a new design benchmark for the city”.

Award-winning interior specialists, Bowler James Brindley are responsible for the original accommodation, restaurant, bars and venues of W Sydney, described as ‘a beacon of bold and sophisticated design’.

The hotel will feature an infinity pool with spectacular colors and patterns, a two-story rooftop bar that reflects the energy of the city, and the on-site restaurant will have touches of “expressive concrete and art of street”.

W Sydney is part of the Ribbon development in Darling Harbor

Seaward believes the hotel will provide a unique experience for visitors to Sydney.

“It is a luxury hotel with a fresh perspective, which not only connects deeply with its host city and its urban surroundings, but is also imbued with a sense of freedom and possibility,” he said.

“To step into W Sydney is to enter an exciting new world of creativity, design, culture and connection. We simply look forward to welcoming our guests.

Nicholas E. Crittendon