Welcome To Empyreum brings overcooked style gameplay to hotel management

Hound Picked Games has announced that it is teaming up with leading developer Tapioca Games on Welcome to Empyrean – a new chaotic hotel management game with the multiplayer mechanics of Overcooked. The title will be heading to Switch in early 2023.

Couch co-op has really had a boom in recent years thanks to Overcooked and To relocate. Chaotically carrying out daily tasks while shouting orders at each other has become the mainstay of any good party and the team at Tapioca Games seeks to continue that joy.

Welcome to Empyreum doesn’t seem like it’s going to reinvent the wheel in this kind of co-op – you frantically race through a series of levels, dodging obstacles and completing challenges before time runs out – but more ways to play together is always the way to go. welcome.

The game can either be played in single player mode (boo!) or with up to three friends (Yay!) and you’ll see scrubbing floors, delivering food, and chasing baby aliens through a series of increasingly wacky hotel floors – seriously, what health and safety inspector approved a room full of wash ?

For more details on the game’s features, see the information from Hound Picked Games below.

A very special hotel…
Tommy, a narcissistic influencer; Miriam, a desperate mother; Elisabeth, a lucky girl, and Apolo, a depressed musician, arrive at the Empyreum Hotel, an enchanted place that robs them of what they love most.
To get it back, they have to work, perform different tasks, floor after floor to the office of Beatriz, the hotel manager. Welcome to Empyrean presents a unique setting for the genre: a very special hotel with a funny humor that complements an elaborate storytelling.

4 player cooperative fun
You can book a room just for you or bring your friends! Up to 4 players can work together to control the hotel madness.
The better the team’s coordination and communication, the cleaner the rooms will be and, therefore, the happier guests will be during their stay. Remember: the guest is always right! (even if it’s lazy sloths or gluttonous gummy teddies…)

While the graphics and mechanics aren’t quite up to par with Overcooked levels just yet, we’re big fans of this style of party game, so we’re excited to hear more information in the coming months.

What do you think of Welcome to Empyreum? Run in the comments to let us know!

Nicholas E. Crittendon