Wake up to this feature-rich clock radio from Nero

Nero and its parent company Weatherdon celebrate their 46and year in business and over the years have built the business to suit the Australian hotel and hospitality industry.

The Nero Qi2 wireless clock radio has all the technical features you expect from a high-end clock radio. It has a charger that is compatible with iPhone and Android phones with wireless charging functionality, which saves customers the hassle of finding the wrong cables. Built-in Bluetooth functionality makes connectivity easy for streaming music, and with a mini-subwoofer and two super-high-tone speakers, the sound quality is excellent too.

Guests don’t need to have the latest phone to use Qi2, as it comes with two front USB-C ports for easy connectivity and a rear USB port for charging. An auxiliary input port is also included to play audio from your own devices through the Qi2 clock radio.

It also has a backup battery that retains time and alarm settings in the event of a mains power interruption.

With its contemporary look and clean lines, this clock radio looks great in any bedroom.

The Nero Qi2 wireless clock radio comes with a one-year warranty.


Weatherdon’s customer service team on 02 9906 2202 or visit their website to find out more.


Nicholas E. Crittendon