This hotel suite is my favorite use of modern rustic style

This suite in a Spanish boutique hotel is perhaps the finest example of modern rustic decor we’ve ever seen. Designed by London studio Kitesgrove, the suite features exposed beams, plastered walls and beautiful interlocking patterned tiles with an earthy color palette – the perfect restful retreat.

This rural getaway is located within Casa la Siesta – a hotel created by Bert & May founder Lee Thornley – in Andalucia, southern Spain. It features tiles from a recent collaboration between the two interior design brands, as well as plenty of organic materials and warm textures. The resulting space is imbued with quiet luxury and Spanish charm.

An earthy palette of neutral tones with rich terracotta accents complement the Mediterranean setting, while warm undertones on the walls and floor inject the feel of the Spanish sun into the space.

“We were delighted to work on this suite in such an inspiring environment,” says Katie Lion, senior interior designer at Kitesgrove. “The rich Andalusian landscapes informed many of our design choices with an emphasis on deep earthy colors and natural, tactile textures.” We take a look inside for some design inspiration.

Lilith Hudson

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A rustic bedroom with lime effect walls, a fabric wall hanging and a low wooden bed

(Image credit: Beth Davis)

The star attraction of any hotel suite is, of course, the bed – and this one doesn’t disappoint. A mattress rests on a low reclaimed wood base, part of the original hotel’s inventory, immediately introducing the rustic vibe.

Tiles recovered from Bert & May (opens in a new tab) are used on the floor to anchor the neutral color scheme. The geometric design with its earthy pink hue is subtle and delicate but creates an impressive visual statement that we can’t wait to try for ourselves.

A wall hanging from Ferm Living also helps create a cohesive feel by reflecting the different tones used in the room, but in the form of a textured work of art. If you love the tapestry look, the Vista Blanket in Off-White is available from Burke Decor. (opens in a new tab).

A rustic bedroom with red geometric pattern tiles, a red accent headboard and red shutters

(Image credit: Beth Davis)

The headboard, pushed against the wall partition, is flanked by two raffia wall lights made by La Fabrique à Abat-Jour and a pair of black Pujo wall tables by Ferm Living that add a monochromatic touch to the rustic bedroom.

The use of raw, organic and characterful finishes including wood, rattan and wicker against a soft pink backdrop of natural plaster walls create subtle layers of interesting textures and shades. The comforting color palette and warm textures create a relaxing atmosphere.

“We wanted to create a soothing and tranquil space, while retaining a Spanish flair and drama,” says Katie from Kitesgrove. (opens in a new tab). “It was important not to overshadow the rich warmth of the beautiful reclaimed woods and tiles, so our palette choice was subtle with stronger color accents.”

A rustic bedroom with a geometric tiled floor, a low wooden bed, red wooden shutters and a cream chaise longue

(Image credit: Beth Davis)

A glimpse of exposed beams brings that rustic feel to the home, echoed by the wooden shutters pictured here. Below the window, an upholstered linen chaise sits below a pendant light with a rich red shade. This sun-drenched window, with its beautiful views of the rolling landscape beyond, is the perfect place to rest with a book. We know this design idea would work beautifully in a modern rustic living room.

A rustic wooden desk and chair next to a wall with a small lamp

(Image credit: Beth Davis)

Adding a small desk and vintage wooden chair adds subtle elegance to the suite while simultaneously introducing a warmer feel to the space. This charming little space makes us feel like we have stepped back in time. Still, the designers at Kitesgrove have given the overall look a modern twist with their bold paint idea. The horizontal oxblood line breaks up the room and adds a unique, characterful effect to this quaint space.

A rustic bathroom with pink and white geometric tiles, wooden shutters and a double sink

(Image credit: Beth Davis)

The continuity from the bedroom to the bathroom is established through the color palette and wood accents. Wall sconces in antique brass by Fosbery Studio and brass faucets add sophisticated metallic detail to the space, while a double sink with curved basins by Fired Earth shows the enduring popularity of the curved bathroom trend. . It’s a luxurious, spa-like bathroom, if we’ve ever seen one.

Herringbone terracotta floor tiles in the bathroom complement the natural elements of the room and echo the whimsical tiles on the wall. These are Kitesgrove X Bert & May Quad Tiles in Brighton Stone and Mandarin Orange (opens in a new tab) new Irregular collection.

“We are thrilled with how the Quad tiles look in the bathroom,” says Katie. “The milky off-white and pale pink tones blend perfectly with the crisp white and deep wood.”

A shower with pink and white geometric tiles, a woven basket and a brass shower head

(Image credit: Beth Davis)

The design, also used in the shower, is made up of four similar designs, each contained within the border of the tile allowing for a nuanced yet dynamic mosaic. The uneven and “irregular” quality of the tiles creates playful and unique fluidity and contrasting shapes.

This bathroom tile idea is one we’ll definitely be trying out ourselves, having booked our trip to Casa la Siesta, of course.

Nicholas E. Crittendon