The future of in-room entertainment

Over the past two years, with the pandemic and enforced shutdowns keeping people at home, there has been a trend for households to upgrade their home entertainment. People have now become accustomed to large HD or 4K screens, surround sound and multiple streaming subscriptions.

So when people stay in a hotel, they expect to be able to access the same high level of entertainment as at home. And getting the right in-room entertainment can open up new markets, encourage repeat guests and differentiate a hotel from its competitors.

In the past, on-demand libraries were an extra source of revenue for hotels, but often guests aren’t willing to pay for extras like this, especially if they feel they’ve already paid a premium for the room. herself.

Casting devices are the cheapest option, but they don’t have the greatest appeal. There is still a reluctance and/or lack of knowledge on how to broadcast/broadcast with a large part of the population. So simply offering customers the ability to access their own streaming service doesn’t sit well with many older customers who prefer to watch live TV. Instead, customers expect quality linear content to be delivered alongside free on-demand TV shows and movies, and the ability to stream their own apps.

This is where a product like the Foxtel Business iQ comes into its own. It offers over 90 live channels of premium entertainment, but also gives customers the option to watch free on-demand content as well as the choice to stream their own streaming services. Having these choices ensures that all guests’ preferences are taken into account.

“The Business iQ… is a one-stop shop. The compendium, on-demand movies, guest information and TV channels are all together, and our guests can also use the cast if they wish,” said Vincent Bellerose, Franchisee, Quest Portland.

Besides being an all-in-one entertainment solution, Foxtel Business iQ acts as an information hub that can help guests get the most out of their stay and allow hoteliers to promote their facilities and services. Guests can access their hotel bill, view digital concierge information, and interact with hotel services such as restaurants and spa facilities through the screen.

“By loading artwork including a QR code through the hotel information tabs, we can now link almost all information between the entertainment system and our guests. From links to our website, video content to our social media channels,” said Peter Tudehope, General Manager of Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney.

The guest messaging feature allows the hotelier to send a message directly to the screen of an individual or a group of guests, ensuring they never miss happy hour at the bar in the hotel. lobby or the latest spa offering. The platform also allows the addition of hotel-specific content such as welcome videos or external content channels.

The unique advantage of Business iQ is that it is constantly evolving, whether it is the content available on the platform or the technology being updated remotely. Content is refreshed monthly with approximately 5,000 new TV shows and movies, and technology updates are released throughout the year. With Business iQ, Foxtel can evolve the product based on technology trends as well as changes in media consumption and user behavior, providing a comprehensive and scalable solution for hoteliers.

Nicholas E. Crittendon