The company develops the “Work From Hotel” concept in the post-COVID world

COVID may be easing, but hybrid working and working from home have become the norm for some employees, and Americans are increasingly combining travel with their work lives.

Entrepreneur Obatalia Yemoshunya is one of many Americans changing the direction of WFH. For them, the acronym does not just mean work from home, but work in a hotel. The former Los Angeles resident now lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and has started spending some of her workdays in new pods at the family-friendly, all-inclusive Sensira Resort & Spa south of Cancun, renting a remote office for $30 a day.

“It’s a beautiful environment,” she says. “You have room service; I don’t have to think about cooking.

The workspaces are a partnership between the hotel, where CBS News correspondent Wendy Gillette stayed at a discounted rate, and a company called REMO, which had a Ukraine launch date two days before the war began.

Plan B was a handful of newly installed modular office spaces at Sensira, which the CEO of REMO, who is still based in Kyiv, just visited. “I’m lucky,” said Yaroslav Prygara. “Because my family helped me a lot, and my friends were with me and my team at REMO as well.” Now that the company is operational in Mexico, the goal is to expand internationally and in the United States. REMO co-founder Carrington Hill says, “I think it’s going to work because our world has changed. Our world has changed dramatically and we are not going back to what it was before.

A Gallup poll from the summer found that five in 10 remote employees in the United States work in a hybrid fashion and three in 10 are fully remote. Office space at Sensira is free for hotel guests if they book rooms through

Other hotel brands are also incentivizing guests to work at their properties. The Work from Hyatt program, which includes office reservations for the day as well as extended-stay benefits like resort fee waivers, is still ongoing through the end of the year.

WorkSpaces for Hilton continues to offer rooms for day use. And Marriott’s Day Pass program is also still active.

Nicholas E. Crittendon