Stranger Things-inspired hotel suite looks like Will’s house

fans of stranger things can now take their love for the series even further – by staying in a hotel suite inspired by the series. After an impressive four seasons, the Duffer Brothers-created giant Netflix has once again managed to become the talk of the internet. Although seasons 2 and 3 had more shaky (though still largely positive) reviews than the sci-fi show’s first season, stranger things season 4 generated even more buzz than its predecessors and proved that the 80s-inspired hit has the ability to evolve.


The memorable stranger things The Season 4 finale saw the death of beloved newcomer Eddie Munson as well as the serious injury of base character Max. The end of the season also saw irreparable damage done to Hawkins, as cracks tore through the ground and the Upside Down engulfed the city. The stranger things The creators have previously stated that Season 5 will be the show’s final season, but with several years between Seasons 3 and 4, it’s unclear how long this season will take to grace the small screen.

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While waiting for stranger things season 5, Bloomington Graduate Hotels has the perfect way for fans to keep the stranger things strong hype. The hotel offers a Inspired by Stranger Things suite that includes two rooms – one inspired by the Byers’ house and the other by the Wheelers’ basement. With 2 sleeping options (a sofa bed and a king-size bed), the suite can accommodate up to 4 people, according to the hotel’s website. The room currently costs approximately $274 per night before taxes and fees and each stay in the room includes “The Upside Down Experience” package, which provides guests with a Polaroid camera, bicycles to explore the city of Indiana, Eggo waffles and two tickets to the WonderLab Science Museum. The hotel also donates 11% of room reservations to this same museum, keeping curiosity alive and well in the scientific community. Dustin would certainly approve.

Based on images from the website, the hotel managed to perfectly recreate the iconic living room of the Byers’ residence from multiple seasons of the show, complete with the Christmas lights from Season 1 and the designs of the map of the tunnel plastering the walls in season 2. the decor, down to the wallpaper and blankets, is spot on, and wheeler’s basement room is no different, including retro board games, walkie-talkies, a Dungeons & Dragons set (with Will’s costume) and Eleven Fort’s cozy blanket. In their commitment to total immersion in the 80s theme, there are no TVs with streaming capabilities in the suite. The sequel was clearly made by a fan of the show and is a great way to celebrate the show’s legacy.

The perfect experience for spooky season, the hotel says the venue will be open to fans as long as stranger things is running. Although Season 5 is in the works, there is no official release date yet. Thankfully, the Duffers said there would be less of a gap between seasons this time around. While fans wait for news on stranger things season 5, they can rest assured that the stranger things suite in Graduate Hotels Bloomington is going nowhere, for now.

Source: Bloomington Graduate Hotels

Nicholas E. Crittendon