Quest Franchise Business Owners talks about the steps to success

There is no secret formula when it comes to being a successful Quest franchise business owner. People from all professional backgrounds have taken the plunge and proven that hard work pays off.

Here, Quest franchise business owners share their first-hand experiences.

Allison and Adam French, Quest Ipswich

Allison and Adam French, franchisees of Quest Ipswich, had worked together in hospitality earlier in their careers before entering the corporate world.

But they had long had ambitions of becoming business owners.

In 2017, when their children reached school age, they decided to take the plunge.

Adam said buying an established Quest business meant they inherited loyal Quest guests as well as a strong support network.

“The network support is fantastic; we’ve built great camaraderie with other franchisees and our franchise relationship managers, we can pick up the phone and call any number of people for advice,” he said.

“We run our business within the parameters recommended by Quest, but we’ve never felt suffocated by how they oversee our operations – I don’t think I would have stayed that long if the franchisor was bossy.

“As a franchisee, you really can ask for as much or as little help as you want from the head office team. Over the years, the guidance and support I’ve received from Quest has helped us to create and maintain a business of which we are both extremely proud.

As parents of three children, Adam and Allison have found that running their own business has given them far more freedom than their previous roles in the business.

“There’s no question – we work hard in our business, but feel we’re more in control of our own destiny than when we were just employees in the corporate world,” Adam said.

“We can work on the business, not just on this one. Being a Quest franchisee has provided us with lifestyle choices – with the right people in the right roles, it means we can enjoy more flexibility with family time and watching our kids at their sporting events.

Catherine Cartographer, Quest St Kilda Road, Quest on Dorcas

Prior to becoming a franchise business owner, Catherine Mapperson worked as an employee of Quest for several years. She never planned to own a hotel franchise. Fast forward 20 years, she is now a hotel franchise business owner with two Quest properties under her belt.

“My involvement as a franchise business owner has been fantastic,” said Catherine.

“While I never dreamed of working in hospitality or owning my own business, the nature of Quest as a fast-growing company means that opportunities do arise on a regular basis.”

Catherine says Quest’s reputation has been a big plus when building relationships with major accounts.

“Having access to national account managers can help with this as they can help contact potential accounts moving to the area,” Catherine said.

“This is where you can really rely on the network to facilitate access and relationship building with new businesses.”

She also benefited from the support of other franchisees.

“A crucial part of the success of my Quest business has been the supportive relationships with other franchise business owners who inspire you and give you new ideas for ways to continually improve,” she said.

Nancy Li and Kevin Tang, Quest Cronulla Beach

Nancy Li and Kevin Tang had no experience in the hospitality industry before becoming owners of the Quest business.

However, Kevin had experience running a convenience store franchise business, and Nancy’s Masters qualification in accounting and finance prepared them strongly for the challenge of running the business.

Nancy said the initial training, as well as the on-the-job training, was “invaluable”, and there are always opportunities to learn from others.

“We learn every day, there are so many amazing, smart people we can learn from, both at corporate headquarters and with other franchise business owners,” she said.

“I feel like I can call on other franchise business owners in the network for help and suggestions.”

They believe Quest’s support has been instrumental in their growth as franchise business owners.

Their advice to budding entrepreneurs is:

“You have to be ready to do a good job and do it better every day. Have clear goals and a big picture, and in the meantime, focus on the details and do the little daily things really well. It’s so important to build a good team culture. Find strong support from other family members to share household chores or outsource, be financially ready, keep learning, and work hard every day. “

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Otherwise, for more information, visit or call the Quest Franchising Team at 1800 809 913.

Nicholas E. Crittendon