Obinna Ohanele rushed his bleeding fiancée to the hospital. For this, he ended up in Police Net

Obinna Ohanele, a resident of Port-Harcourt, had planned two major events during his visit to Owerri, Imo State, on March 25. Besides the interview he had in the capital, it was also his fiancée’s birthday.

Ohanele’s itinerary saw him attend the important interview he had first. When he was done, he went straight to Goodness Ujamara, to his fiancee.

He hoped he would have a great time celebrating this time with the love of his life.

However, things very quickly turned sour for him.

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When Ohanele finally got her goodness back, they both decided to visit Lekki Park Hotel in Nekede, have a nice dinner and eventually spend the night as well.

“The name of the hotel we were staying in is Lekki Park Hotel, Nekede, Owerri, Imo State. I paid ₦7,000 for the night and we checked in,” Ohanele told FIJ.

“Unfortunately later that night my fiancée started bleeding. Because she is a medical worker, she asked me to get her vitamin K from a nearby pharmacy.

“However, after taking the vitamins, the bleeding still did not stop. Around 2 am, we decided to look for a hospital. I then approached the receptionist and explained to her that she was sick and needed to go to the hospital.

Ohanele said that after hotel management told her there was no way to help, they also involved the police immediately. When the officers arrived, the narrative changed.

“What was supposed to be an SOS call suddenly became something else as soon as the police arrived,” Ohanele said.

“When the officers arrived they also told the supervisor that they had no vehicle that night and that we had to look for an alternative. The only option we had was to walk to the nearest hospital.

“Besides being in a rush, I was also disoriented at the time. My only concern was to get my fiancée to the hospital as quickly as possible. In the process, I forgot my phone in the room. We had to walk for 50 minutes to find the nearest hospital.

The Port Harcourt resident also said he had to support his fiancée as she had become too tired to walk.

“The name of the hospital is Human Race Hospital, Nekede, Owerri,” Ohanele revealed.

Arrived at the hospital, the bleeding was finally stopped by a doctor on duty. After that, Ohanele was told that Goodness would need plenty of rest before she could be released.

At that time, he thought his ordeal was over. But, unbeknownst to him, more was to come.

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When Goodness was stable enough, Ohanele quickly returned to the hotel to retrieve her phone.

However, as soon as he entered his room, the hotel manager came in and demanded that he pay 30,000 naira for the bedspread that his fiancée had soiled while she was bleeding.

“Before I could respond to the manager’s request, he quickly picked up his phone and called the police. After making the call, he said he had to invite them a second time because the matter had to do with a person’s life,” Ohanele said.

Meanwhile, the manager also received a call from the hotel owner asking him to bring Ohanele to the front desk.

His arrival at the reception would coincide with the entrance of the policemen whom the management of the hotel had invited.

“Among the officers who came were those who said they had no vehicle when Goodness was bleeding in the middle of the night. This time they came by bus. They are from Nekede Police Division,” Ohanele said.

“I thought they were there to help. But, to my surprise, they arrested me.


Ohanele said he was handcuffed by one of the officers when he was taken to the station.

“I had previously texted the address of the hotel to my fiancée’s sister, and she arrived almost at the same time as the police. Immediately they waved me over. When I arrived, a policeman named Asuquo pulled out handcuffs to put my hands on me,” Ohanele said.

“I asked what my crime was and they beat me badly. They ordered my in-laws to sit next to me and said that I should take them to the hospital. As they drove me to the hospital, Asuquo told me that once the lady was able to identify me as her fiancé, they would leave me,” Ohanele said.

However, after his fiancée confirmed that Ohanele was her fiancé in the hospital, the police still did not release him.

“On arriving at the hospital, my fiancée was shocked to see me handcuffed. When the officer asked her if she knew me and she told him that I was her fiancé. I thought I would be released immediately. But to my surprise, I was taken back to the station,” Ohanele said.

“What is also noteworthy is that at the hospital, Asuquo exchanged phone numbers with one of the hospital accountants. He also told her to call him after chatting for about five minutes.

“When we came back to the station, I was asked to write a statement about what happened. After I did this, Asuquo told me that in order for me to be free, I would pay the sum of ₦ 51,000 for my bail. When I asked why, he said I had committed a crime but he couldn’t explain what exactly the crime was,” Ohanele said.

Eventually, officers from the police station locked Ohanele in a cell and told his fiancée’s sister, who had accompanied them to the police station, to get some money.

“I was locked up until 5 p.m. before my sister-in-law arrived at the station. She brought ₦50,000 to bail me out and also paid another ₦1,000 at the police counter,” Ohanele added.

“Asuquo said it was their normal practice to post bail. When he took me to the DPO office, he confirmed that the doctor who treated my fiancée said it was a tear cervical.


Ohenele also accused staff at the Human Race Specialty Hospital, where his fiancée was treated, of fraud.

“The money the hospital accountant originally told me I would pay was ₦28,700. But after Asuquo talked to him, he became ₦80,000 overnight,” he said.

“The accountant also refused to reverse the outrageous amount she charged me when I complained to her.”

Hospital bill presented to Ohanele and his fiancée

“When I asked Goodness if she had received any other treatment than she had before I was taken away by the police, she said ‘no’.”

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When the IJF contacted Imo State Police Public Relations Officer Michael Abattam about the incident, he said bail was free.

“The deposit is free. You don’t have to pay any money for the deposit. The only thing you will do is provide a trusted person as surety. It does not require money. I will, however, investigate the matter,” Abattam said.

Ohanele has since returned to Port Harcourt with the hope that the problem will be resolved.

Nicholas E. Crittendon