Moe’s Southwest Grill has created a completely custom hotel suite in Miami

Have you ever been to a Moe’s Southwest Grill? For those who haven’t, there’s this thing the employees have to do where every time you walk in, they’re screaming “WELCOME TO MOE!”

How would you like it when you check into your hotel on vacation? Pretty surprising, right? Fortunately, there are no Moe employees hiding at Moe’s Spicy Shack, an all-branded hotel experience in Miami. But there’s Moe’s wall-to-wall branding:

Credit: Moe’s Southwest Grill

The company announced that customers can book a May weekend getaway at the space, located in Miami’s Upper East Side, with reservations starting April 12 at noon. The whole thing is to commemorate the new Spicy Chicken available at Moe’s restaurants.

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. All amenities are branded Moe-style in some way, either explicitly with logos or simply playing around with the color scheme. There are pillows with the logo on them. There are posters. There is patterned wallpaper. The bed is fitted with blankets that look like tortillas. There’s what looks like a small Moe candle in the bathroom.

And, of course, the kitchen is fully stocked with a Spicy Chicken Taco meal kit if Miami’s culinary hub isn’t enough for you.

“Our new Spicy Chicken deserves a bold celebration, so we wanted to bring the heat to give back to fans of the brand by creating an oasis for those spicy food lovers,” Moe brand manager Tony Bartlett said in a statement. hurry.

There are four weekends available, including a three-day Cinco de Mayo weekend (of course).

This takes the idea of ​​a pop-up to a new level. He’s someone who literally lives in a billboard. It’s not just a store that transforms for a special event or incorporates a co-branding aesthetic. It will literally be a couple of people eating, sleeping and breathing Moe’s Southwest Grill for an entire weekend.

Taco Bell has done something like this before, turning an entire hotel into a brand experience. And at the rate that other fast-food and fast-casual restaurants have pushed the promotional envelope, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more of this stuff moving forward. The only question is how big will the marks be?

Nicholas E. Crittendon