Leesburg BAR delves into the downtown hotel concept

A week after attracting interest from city council members, developer Kevin Ash presented his concept for a downtown hotel to the Board of Architectural Review on Monday.

Ash said he was just looking for preliminary feedback as the project continued to take shape.

The development is proposed on a 0.6 acre lot at 208 S. King St. Ash said he is considering a mixed-use project with a restaurant, two office floors and five fourth-floor condos that could be built from full right. with only an administrative review. He said the other option, which he called Hotel Burg, is a 40-room boutique hotel that would require special exception review by the Planning Commission and city council. Last week, the council authorized the study of changing parking requirements and building height limits that could facilitate the hotel concept.

Both concepts would require a Certificate of Suitability from the BAR.

An Ash rendering provided to the BAR showed a four-story structure being built behind the Queen Anne-style building from around 1895. BAR members raised concerns that the large addition would overwhelm the existing building . Suggestions for overcoming this concern included siting the largest building at the rear of the property, constructing several smaller structures, or even adjusting the new building alignment to be closer to the front in accordance with the landscape of street.

Ash, who has experience building downtown as the developer of Leesburg Central at the corner of Loudoun and Harrison Streets and Courthouse Commons on Market Street, said he worked with architect Dieter Meyer, who sat on the BAR for 12 years, on the project and would take input into consideration.

No request has been filed.

Nicholas E. Crittendon