Is it a bird’s nest or a hotel suite that BIG has just designed? • Hotel designs

The Treehotel in Swedish Lapland is known for its wide variety of innovative cabins, each with a distinct identity that reacts differently with the forest, and each pushing design parameters in its own way. Working closely with Treehotel and Swedish ornithologist Ulf Öhman, the new Biosphere hotel room designed by BIG will bring 350 birdhouses to the hotel. Suspended in the Harads pines, BIG’s experiential design is the property’s eighth hotel room, with the goal of enhancing the surrounding biosphere through design.

Image credit: BIG

By designing a treetop guest bedroom with a facade of bird’s nests, Biosphere’s goal is to reduce the downward spiral of the bird population in the Swedish woods and instead enhance the biosphere and natural habitat. It also takes the discussion of immersive hotel experiences and sustainability to a whole new level.

The biosphere is accessible via a suspension bridge that descends from the ground to the tops of the trees. The interior of the 34 square meter room incorporates rich dark interiors and organic materials inspired by the surrounding landscape, which serve to enhance visitors’ gaze outward and focus on the natural beauty of the surroundings.

the suspended hut covered with birdhouses is accessible by a suspension bridge

Image credit: BIG

The interior is simple and pragmatic, but due to its alternation of solid and open concept composition, it allows for a range of experiences in a relatively small space. Visitors have access to a rooftop terrace – bringing them even closer to the treetops – which offers 360-degree views of the forest. By varying the individual sizes of bird nests and expanding them outward, and depending on the type of bird and frequency in the area, light can penetrate the interior space while maintaining views outwards.

natural materials in a simple design in the birdhouse

Image credit: BIG

By wrapping the new hotel room so directly in an eco-friendly habitat, guests have the opportunity to experience nearby birdlife and are invited to the epicenter of nature’s unfolding. Surrounded by a subtle birdsong, balanced by the triple-glazed exterior facade, guests enjoy an intimate and immersive nature experience.

Main image credit: BIG

Nicholas E. Crittendon