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A luxury bed and breakfast, which the owner intends to call Hotel California, is about to come to Napa.

The city’s Planning Commission unanimously approved a bed and breakfast use permit for the historic William Andrews House at 741 Seminary St. in a meeting Thursday.

Although the project has been approved as “Heath Bed and Breakfast”, owner John Heath said that while nothing is currently set in stone, he hopes to name the business “Hotel California” in honor of the Eagles’ iconic 1976 rock song. .

In case the Eagles won’t allow Heath to use the name, his backup plan is to call it “The Cali Hotel.”

And the hotel’s plan goes beyond the name: Heath said each room in the hotel would be named after and themed after a famous musician who recovered from addiction. That may include the Eagles’ Joe Walsh, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughn, he said.

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“A lot of these people have brought so much joy into our lives through years of music and it’s going to be done in a very luxurious way,” Heath said.

Heath added that the hotel would not be advertised around this aspect, rather it would be an underlying theme. Another plan incorporating the theme is to have a pianist and a violinist play the artists’ classics to entertain guests, he said.

Although curators praised the project, some said they didn’t like the proposed name. But they noted that the names of the companies did not belong to them.

Commission chairman Gordon Huether said he liked the concept of honoring artists who have gone through rehab, but the name choice seemed wrong.

“For such a magnificent property to be called something like that seems really odd to me, for Napa Valley, but it’s your property,” Huether said.

Commissioner Paul Kelley also said he didn’t think the Hotel California name was best for the project, but he liked the theme.

“When I think of Hotel California, it’s not really a Victorian hotel,” Kelley said. “It’s somewhere in the desert. But in any case, it is not within the purview of the commission.

Even so, the commissioners said they appreciated the passion Heath put into the project. They also spoke well about the restoration process and adaptive reuse of a Victorian mansion.

“We need to look for adaptive reuses for these grand Victorian homes that don’t really support single-family families anymore,” Kelley said.

Separately, the commission named Huether chairman of the commission and Bob Massaro vice-chairman. Traditionally, the commission appoints the vice-chairman of the commission as chairman each year. But former vice president Reed Oñate withdrew his candidacy to be reappointed to the commission. As a result, the members of the commissioner deliberated who would be president this year.

Kelley, who was the chairman last year, and Huether have expressed that they want to be chairman of the commission. Eventually, Kelley withdrew his candidacy for the position, and the commission unanimously nominated Huether for president.

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