High-end hotel and proposed convention center for Geelong

A 200-room hotel and 3,700m² convention center will form the centerpiece of the Geelong City Deal, a 10-year plan to revitalize the region.

The Geelong Convention and Exhibition Center (GCEC) will be developed on a 1.6 hectare waterfront site in central Geelong and will accommodate 1,000 people when completed. The versatile multi-purpose space will be designed to accommodate both small and large events simultaneously.

The GCEC, which will be operated by the Victorian government and privately run, is expected to attract a wide range of events and better connect the area to the CBD and Western Beach.

Meanwhile, the private sector will finance and develop the high-end hotel and retail spaces through an agreement that may include development agreements and the possibility of long-term lease and add-on developments.

The project is being implemented by the Government of Victoria’s development agency, Development Victoria, on behalf of Rural and Regional Victoria and the Geelong City Deal.

The Victorian government will contribute $261 million to the project, while the Australian government is contributing $30 million. An additional $3 million will be proposed by the City of Greater Geelong for the improvement of the public realm.

The Victorian Government is also considering opportunities for private residential housing and other complementary commercial developments.

The state is undertaking preparatory work on the site this year, while Development Victoria will organize an industry briefing as well as a targeted market sounding process.

For more information, visit https://development.vic.gov.au/gcec.

Nicholas E. Crittendon