Going To The Limit – Original Eagles Tribute Band Hotel California Hits Dosey Doe Of The Woodlands – The Big Barn This Saturday

THE WOODLANDS, TX — They may have formed in 1986, but Hotel California will be the new kid in town this weekend as the original Eagles tribute band hits Dosey Doe – The Big Barn in The Woodlands.

The concert begins this Saturday, April 23 at 6:30 p.m. when the doors of Dosey Doe open and the kitchen begins to prepare its hearty dinner selections for hungry attendees. Once the plates have been cleared and the after-dinner drinks served, the band will take to the stage in all the electrifying yet intimate glory of the Big Barn concert.

Some tickets are still available for the dinner/show ranging from $68 to $128 for premium seating, a bargain considering the meal and entertainment combined. For more information or to reserve your own tickets, call the box office at 281-367-3774. Dosey Doe – The Big Barn is located at 25911 I-45 in The Woodlands, between Woodlands Parkway and Sawdust Road.

Woodlands Online was able to sit down with founder and multi-musician/vocalist Michael Dimulous for an interview where the origins and plans of this Ontario-based band were discussed.

Have you ever played in the Woodlands or in Texas?

This is our first time playing The Woodlands and Dosey Doe, but we’ve been to Texas several times. The people here are fantastic and hospitable.

How was the Hotel California born?

I was the original member in 1986; we formed the band because nobody was doing the Eagles at the time and – to be honest – they’re the best. Their songwriting skills are second to none and their music is second to none. Paying tribute to their talents was a challenge that we loved to take up.

What explains the enduring popularity of Eagles music?

It is a group that has crossed genres and generations. They do rock, blues, ballads, country, the whole range of music. They provided great music for young and old and everyone in between. And that’s reflected in our own fans; we even had young children singing along to our songs at concerts because of their parents.

How does it feel to continue the legacy of the original band as tribute artists?

Our passion and enjoyment of music drives us to excel, and we succeed wherever we play. Not only do we play note for note and stay as true to the original tunes as humanly possible, but we also have what I like to call The Sound; the mesh of individual talent that the original Eagles also brought. And that’s what people want to hear.

Tell us about the members of your group.

It’s great to play with each other; we’re very likable and people are sometimes surprised at how close we are – both in sound and in personalities. We love our Canadian fans, but the American public is particularly responsive, and strong!

We have Andy Lapointe, who plays bass and sings Joe Walsh songs, like “Rocky Mountain Way”. He’s been with the band since 1987 and has played literally thousands of gigs with us. Al Langlade plays electric and acoustic guitar and sings the tunes of Glenn Frey and Randy Meisner. Jay Riehl plays drums and is an amazing Don Henley-like sound. And I play electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, double neck guitar and talk box, and I also sing backing vocals.

What would you say to people who are wondering what to do this Saturday evening and who have not yet purchased tickets for the show?

If you’re looking for an authentic band that showcases Eagles music like no other, look no further. You will spend a night of musical pleasure and you will have time to forget the outside world and lose yourself in the music of the Hotel California.

Nicholas E. Crittendon