Godfreys Commercial brings value to cleaning with professional solutions

Redefining the culture of cleanliness, Godfreys Commercial brings value to cleaning with professional solutions that make people’s lives better, cleaner and more hygienic. Our range of expert cleaning machines have been used in many different applications across a number of industries including the hotel and hospitality sectors.

The Comac Innova family

Interior of a 3D illustration of a hotel reception in the lobby

Comac’s Innova line includes three easy-to-use ride-on scrubber-dryers designed for large-scale cleaning jobs that require maneuverability in even the most congested areas. For true excellence in cleaning innovation, Comac’s Innova line includes a family of three ride-on scrubber-dryers – the Innova 55B, Innova 65B, Innova 70S and Innova 85B.

All Innova floor scrubbers are suitable for maintenance cleaning of floors up to 6,000 m² and their compact dimensions and maneuverability allow them to be used even in the most congested areas. They are used by cleaning companies and in-house cleaning crews in retail, healthcare, hospitality, wellness, sports, industrial, automotive, public, transport and crafts.

The Innova 55B is the smallest compact scrubber drier in the range and delivers deep cleaning in tight spaces more efficiently than a walk-behind scrubber drier. The Innova 65B and 70S are also fantastic for use in congested areas, but have added features such as different brush head sizes and wider working capacity.

Comac Featured Machines

Vispa 35B


When it comes to the hospitality industry, getting the best first impression possible is imperative. Whether it’s a hotel room, a restaurant or the back of the house, maintaining high standards of cleaning and hygiene is a must – and that’s where Comac comes in. Game.

The Vispa 35 range consists of easy-to-use and highly manoeuvrable walk-behind scrubber-dryers, perfect for congested areas and ideal for maintenance cleaning operations. These machines will confidently replace manual cleaning systems like mopping or other non-motorized floor scrubbing methods.

Vispa XL


Having a clean hotel means putting your best foot forward with the Vispa XL – a powerful, state-of-the-art floor scrubber that is also extremely easy to use and very manoeuvrable. This expert machine will fit perfectly into your existing range, becoming a new ally in the maintenance cleaning operations of small and medium spaces.

A working width of 43 cm and an exclusive design make it perfect for congested areas such as storerooms and luggage storage spaces. The Vispa XL is equipped with the same technology as the larger models, allowing you to complete your fleet with a more compact yet higher performing solution. Robust and reliable, the Vispa XL is also practical and easy to use, making it ideal for cleaning many floor surfaces found in different hotel installations.

Antea 50

When your hotel needs high performance cleaning, look no further than the Antea 50. An impressive and easy-to-use professional walk-behind scrubber-dryer, it is ideal for professional floor cleaning in various areas of hotels and other accommodations. types. Whatever space requires clean floors – offices, shops, restaurants, bathrooms, wellness centers, foyers or hallways, the Antea 50 has you covered.

Robust, resistant and reliable, this professional scrubber drier has been designed to improve productivity and reduce the cost of cleaning operations. The Antea 50 has technical features and functions that make it a professional scrubber drier suitable for both maintenance and intensive cleaning of floors up to 2200 m².ˇ

Range of Pullman backpacks

For fast and efficient commercial cleaning, Pullman and Pullman Advance vacuums are tough, durable and can be used in countless applications. This powerful range of expert machines has been designed to withstand long use as well as heavy dust and dirt and includes backpacks, commercial vacuums and wet and dry vacuums.

Commander PV900 Backpack Vacuum

This model is a high-powered backpack vacuum designed for maximum user comfort in any commercial environment. The Pullman Commander PV900 backpack vacuum features a world-first comfort system harness with three height settings, anti-vibration technology, patented air ventilation systems, turbo suction mode and filtration HEPA13 for a healthier environment.

Advance PL950 Lithium Cordless Backpack Vacuum

Cleaning has never been easier with the Pullman Advance PL950 Lithium Cordless Backpack Vacuum. This powerful cordless backpack is designed and engineered for commercial cleaners to provide convenient cleaning without sacrificing performance. It features a Gulper Advance floor tool for maneuverability and superior dust pickup, a patented Vortex HEPA filter chamber for greater dust capacity, and an adjustable harness with three comfortable height settings. It also easily converts into a powerful blower. Whether you’re cleaning homes, offices, or classrooms, the Pullman Lithium Cordless Backpack can get the job done quickly, quietly, and easily.

Nicholas E. Crittendon