FutureLog announces the launch of Business Intelligence!

FutureLog develops a range of e-procurement solutions adapted to the hotel, catering and gastronomy sectors. Cloud-based and fully interfaced, we offer unique, market-leading features that set us apart from other Procure-to-Pay solutions.

Established in 1999, our sourcing and hospitality background has helped us truly understand our customers’ needs and challenges, and the upcoming release of our Business Intelligence (BI) module is a perfect example of this.

Available on both our desktop and mobile apps, our BI tool will offer hoteliers the ability to create customizable reports and robust analytics for all their data across FutureLog’s suite of solutions. Dynamic charts will help our customers get insights “at a glance”, while rich visualizations will help support their decision-making processes.

Because all of our solutions have been designed for hotels, restaurants, clubs and venues, there is also a strong F&B focus within the FutureLog platform. Among the new technologies we have developed recently is a measurement tool to record the weight and temperature of goods received, and since its release earlier this year it has already proven to be an invaluable asset in the user journey. of e-procurement.

2022 has seen us achieve several milestones on our technology roadmap so far, with many more developments underway. The complete overhaul of our mobile app’s user experience in April not only meant a new design, but also provided optimized search experiences, intuitive processes and seamless transactions, making work easier than ever. of our customers on the go.

Our solutions can be fully implemented in less than a month, and because they’re completely cloud-based, there’s no large upfront investment, just revenue-based monthly subscriptions that keep your operational costs to a minimum.

Contact Benjamin now to arrange a no obligation pilot for your hotel, restaurant, pub, club or venue.

Benjamin Krieg

Vice President Operations

+61 424 954 881

[email protected]

Nicholas E. Crittendon