Eagles in Michigan: 3 hours of spellbinding melodic hits and “Hotel California”

DETROIT — There aren’t enough fancy synonyms to describe what it’s like to hear the hypnotic harmonies of The Eagles in concert. A sold-out crowd watched a marathon of guitar shredding and melodious hits at Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena on Thursday, March 24.

When they said the show started at 8:00 p.m., they weren’t kidding. A mysterious, dark figure dramatically crossed the stage and put on a record. Of course, that album is the 1976 release, “Hotel California,” the third best-selling American album in music history.

The record began spinning and the Eagles began to play as the curtain rose on the famous guitar intro to the album’s number one track, the title track. It was like a reverse callback.

“It’s a bit bittersweet to come and play here, but we’re always connected to you,” Don Henley told the crowd in reference to Glenn Frey being from nearby Royal Oak. Frey passed away in 2016. “We miss our founder, but he lives on and his legacy lives on in all of these songs that we’re going to play for you tonight.”

The band continued with the album in its entirety, unveiling a massive roughly 30-piece orchestra during “Wasted Time” and ultimately revealing over a dozen members of the David Whitfield Choir. The choir and orchestra appeared on many songs throughout the night, adding to the band’s already harmonious flavor.

After a 15-minute break, the band performed all the hits for the next two hours. And when we say all the hits, we mean nothing but songs that fans knew all the words to, from “Take It Easy” to “One of These Nights” to “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and ” Lyin’ Eyes,” fans were taken on a journey through the career of one of the best-selling bands in music history.

The current roster consists of Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit, Vince Gill, Steuart Smith and Deacon Frey. Frey did not play on this leg of the tour due to reported illness.

Henley, Gill, Schmit and Walsh took the lead numerous times throughout the night with Gill the frontman for most of the songs Glenn Frey would have performed, but also received a standing “O” for his version of “Take It to the Limit” by Randy Meisner. “hit all those high notes towards the end. Schmit also took the lead on a few old Freys, something a little different from the norm.

Speaking of a little different, don’t head into the parking lot during “Desperado.” It is traditionally the last song of every Eagles concert, but not on this tour. There are a few more from Henley where it came from.

This gig was vintage Eagles with powerful vocals, harmonies, and all-night guitar battles while changing a few lead vocals and adding both a huge orchestra and choir. They still have the best harmonies in the business and are one of those bands that, when you hear them play live, make you want to listen to their greatest hits on the way home.


Album “Hotel California”

  • 1. “Hotel California”
  • 2. “New Kid in Town”
  • 3. “Life in the Fast Lane”
  • 4. “Lost Time”
  • 5. “Lost Time (Reprise)
  • 6. “Victim of Love”
  • 7. “Pretty Maids All in a Row
  • 8. “Try and love again”
  • 9. “The Last Resort”


  • 10. “Seven Bridges Road”
  • 11. “Take It Easy”
  • 12. “One of Those Nights”
  • 13. “Go to the limit”
  • 14. “Feeling peaceful and easy”
  • 15. “”Tequila Sunrise”
  • 16. “Witch Woman”
  • 17. “In the City”
  • 18. “I can’t tell you why”
  • 19. “Lying Eyes”
  • 20. “These Shoes”
  • 21. “Life has been good”
  • 22. “Already Gone”
  • 23. “Funky #49
  • 24. “Heartache Tonight”


  • 25. “Path of the Rockies”
  • 26. “Desperate”
  • 27. “Summer Boys”
  • 28. “Best of My Love”


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