Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Says Ethereum Is “California’s Crypto Hotel”

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Hoskison remains relentless in his criticism of the Ethereum merger.

In a tweet on Friday, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson compared Ethereum to a seductive illusion that turns into a nightmare you can’t escape, referencing a classic Eagles rock song titled “Hotel California.”

“Ethereum is becoming Crypto’s Hotel California”, Hoskinson tweeted.

Hotel California is a 1976 classic rock hit by the band Eagles with the famous line “You can leave whenever you want, but you can never leave”. Writer David L. Nevins, in a article for The Fulcrum, while citing Don Henley’s interpretation of the song as “a journey from innocence to experience”, likened it to “an inevitable journey of change that never quite goes as planned.” And as we embark on this journey, “along the way, most of us want to check out, but for some, we can never really leave.”

Meanwhile, music writer Luca Divelti said in 2018: “The song thus portrays a veil of social criticism towards the foundations of the American dream, (a) symbol of the illusion of a better future that can also transform in endless torment, able to deceive you with its promises and then deceive you: to leave California is to lose hope forever, and it would be a shame to leave the suite of the hotel of dreams.

Notably, Hoskinson’s comments come as there is still no clarity on when Ethereum investors will be able to access their staked Ethereum. While many thought holders would be able to access their staked Ethereum immediately following the Shanghai upgrade, expected in six months to a year, a shared discord post from an Ethereum developer reveals that there is no no clear timeline for withdrawals even after Shanghai upgrade. .

It should be noted that the founder of Cardano was relentless in his criticism of the Ethereum merger. As Basic Crypto reported On Friday, Hoskinson poked holes in the fact that you have to be rich to be a validator on the Ethereum network, implying that this could lead to a greater chance of centralization.

Notably, Cardano, unlike Ethereum, has liquid staking, meaning user funds are accessible at all times. Additionally, holders participate in network validation by delegating their stakes to stake pools.

It is worth mentioning that no love was lost between Ethereum’s Hoskinson and Vitalik Buterin. Due to their checkered pasts, the two crypto founders have a habit of throwing subliminal shots at each other. It should be noted that Hoskinson was one of the original co-founders of Ethereum, along with Buterin, but is believed to have left the project after a few months due to philosophical differences with Buterin.

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Nicholas E. Crittendon