A Stranger Things-themed hotel suite is now open in Bloomington, IN

stranger things conquered the world, but now he also conquered Indiana. Based in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, the series tells the story of 80s teenagers who discover the supernatural world of the Upside Down and their friend, Eleven, who has the power to protect them all and to save Hawkins. Although Hawkins, like my other favorite fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, is fake, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your favorite show while visiting the state! Bloomington, Indiana now has a special suite dedicated to the show at The Graduate Hotels.

Your room takes you to Joyce Byers (winona ryder) house and includes the wall she wrote the alphabet on so she could communicate with her son, Will (Noah Schnapp) Upside down. Get your Eggos (they’re included in the experience) and cycle around town in Indiana just like Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas did and experience the magic that is stranger things.


“Make yourself at home in Joyce Byers’ living room, complete with floral wallpaper, pull-out sofa bed and, of course, Christmas lights. Sorry in advance, the lights seem to have a spirit of their own,” the description of the play reads and also includes “The Upside Down Experience”. The entire stay is also beneficial because 11% of the product – included? Because Millie Bobby Brownthe character of is called Eleven? — go to the WonderLab Science Museum, which you can visit as part of the experience!

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The suite also includes a king-size bed in the “basement” of the Wheelers’ house next to the Byers’ living room! So while you’re obviously staying in 2022, you’ll feel like you’re part of the show (including the lack of a TV, so pack your bags accordingly). It is, honestly, a great reason to visit Indiana. It’s so perfectly on-theme with the show, providing an immersive experience like no other, and the idea of ​​pulling out a bike to go for a ride like all the kids in the show just seems right. stranger things has had a huge impact since season 4 arrived this summer. You can see it at conventions with everyone dressed like the kids or now everyone gets together dressed like joseph quinnit’s Eddie Munson. Why not live out your own Stranger Things fantasy by going to Bloomington and staying in the themed suite at Graduate Hotels?

The suite is more expensive (averaging around $749 a night) but if you get that stranger things fan in your life or if you ARE that fan, this is definitely a trip you won’t want to miss! Check out images from the sequel as well as our interview with the cast below.

Nicholas E. Crittendon