A destination for digital nomads: Selina debuts in Australia

Panama-born hospitality brand Selina is bringing its ‘stay, work and play’ concept to Australian shores with the launch of Selina Central Melbourne and Selina St Kilda this week.

Targeting Millennials and Gen Z travelers, Selina aims to capitalize on the post-COVID boom in remote working and travel by offering accommodation that caters to the digital nomad lifestyle.

Common area at Selina Melbourne Central

According to a 2021 study by Gitlab, nearly one in three remote workers are considering moving or working overseas in a post-COVID world.

“I would say we focus on psychographics rather than demographics,” said Gadi Hassin, Selina’s managing partner for Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. SM exclusively.

“If I had to give it an age range, I’d say our audience is usually between 25 and 34 years old. But really, it’s an audience that’s defined by mindset and lifestyle.

“Selina is for people who value experiences and human connections, have an adventurous spirit and check off their to-do list on the go, and have seamlessly merged work and life (and not split them in two competing segments).”

Accommodation in Selina St Kilda

Selina properties in Melbourne offer budget accommodation – a mix of shared rooms and suites from $30 to $250+ per night – as well as coworking and leisure spaces including cinemas, libraries, kitchens, spaces wellness, cafes and bars.

Selina Central Melbourne – located opposite Flinders Street Station – includes a speakeasy and an underground listening lounge, the HOWM Basement Bar.

Selina St Kilda

Selina St Kilda is located close to the beach and includes a cafe, rooftop bar and summer wellness terrace.

“Melbourne is a vibrant, global city and we felt it was the perfect destination to launch Selina into the Australian market,” said Hassin.

“The two properties are very different in nature. We thought this would offer travelers the perfect mix of work and play.

Since launching in 2014, Selina has 150 properties in 25 countries across North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and now Australia.

Hassin said the brand aims to expand to many more places in the country.

“Our roadmap for Australia is to have a presence in most urban cities,” Hassin said.

“However, we also have a strong interest in regional and remote destinations. We intend to offer travelers who are part of our growing international community the opportunity to stay, work and play in a variety of places across Australia.

Nicholas E. Crittendon