5 Career Options in the Coworking Industry for Hospitality Management Graduates

Hospitality management graduates not only have demand in the hospitality industry, such as in hotels, restaurants, spas and resorts, airlines, and catering, these graduates also have demand in other sectors such as real estate. As the economy recovers again and the travel and tourism industry strengthens, hotel management looks promising as a career opportunity. Hospitality management studies are not only about powerful communication skills, interpersonal skills, and operational know-how, but they also include general marketing and sales studies, strategy, and accounting, making them in additionally eligible to try out other industries.

Within the real estate industry, the growing coworking segment can be a place where hospitality management graduates can be in high demand.

In 2021, the coworking segment in India reached a gross area of ​​35 million square feet, according to research by Anarock-CII report. The segment is expected to double in size over the next 5 years. As the industry grows, the demand for quality labor is also growing rapidly.

The professional skills and abilities of a hospitality management graduate fit very well into the growing coworking industry in India. Here are the 5 types of career opportunities hospitality graduates can try in the coworking industry.


Community Managers: They are the managers who interact with prospects and customers, take them for on-site visits and inspections, manage day-to-day operations, and act as general guardians of tenant well-being. They also contribute to events and other cultural activities inside the premises. Hospitality management graduates are a natural favorite for such roles.

Community Partnership Resources: Coworking spaces require resources that can create a meaningful network seamlessly. Typically, good coworking spaces have many partnerships with local pubs, restaurants, saloons and lounges, child care centers, retail stores, health clinics, etc.

Co-working members can get discounts, vouchers, etc. in these places. Hospitality management graduates can be effective community partnership resources because of their networking prowess, effective communication skills, and business acumen.

Front Office Resources: Hospitality management graduates typically have good communication skills, are able to multi-task, and are adept at customer service. Additionally, they also have an understanding of operational management. This makes them suitable for front office roles.

Event Managers/Coordinators: Coworking is known for lots of fun events, parties and activities. The idea behind such events is usually to make work fun for employees and to improve engagement and overall productivity. Many events such as yoga and wellness, fun nights, music nights, crash courses and skills development trainings are held regularly in a coworking space.

Likewise, corporate events such as product launches, product launches, etc. are also organized. Hospitality graduates are suitable for roles such as event manager/coordinator.

Directors: Hospitality management graduates with strong experience can also opt for leadership roles such as directors, vice president, etc. in coworking spaces. As directors, their role will be to take care of all activities, including sales and marketing, profit and loss (P&L), financial planning, etc. Likewise, they will have to contribute to operational activities, the well-being of tenants, the acquisition of customers, etc.

The article is authored by Mr. Nakul Mathur, MD, Avanta India

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